Why We All Need a Mentor

Why We All Need a Mentor

  • September 20, 2021

Whether you’re a CEO, regional manager, team leader or a colleague, you can never be too successful to have a mentor.

Mentors help push you outside of your comfort zone by challenging you, boosting your self-confidence and sharing their knowledge and experiences with you.

They also help serve as confidants – You can unload your problems on to them and they’ll listen, dissect, provide support and brainstorm solutions together.

My mentor (Michael Wilson) taught me more than anyone else about controlling my emotions when frustrated. Most importantly, he taught me how to be an authentic leader, he also showed me what it was like to work with an authentic leader (leading by example!).
I learned through him that it’s okay to be me when in the office and not to feel intimidated in an industry heavily dominated by male characters.

Equally, I taught him a lot.
Till this day, we phone each other asking for guidance and ideas. We accept feedback from each other, and we don’t fear speaking up! If one of us believes the other needs to rethink their plan of action, we’ll say it out loud and constructively. We share a mutual passion for leadership which means we want to continue growing.

This mentorship has led to our individual successes and will continue to build on our future success!

Mentors are necessary for all of us…no matter how perfect we think we are we can never truly be perfect.



Join a mentoring programme today and find a suitable mentor to help guide you through your goals. Aim to connect with them for at least one year before you end the relationship or find a new mentor. It’s always best to give the mentor a fair chance as it can take some time before the relationship reaches a mutually beneficial level.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson