What makes a culture?

What makes a culture?

  • December 31, 2021

It’s a combination of many things that make a culture (environment, history, processes, policies, structure). People are the most important and influential aspect of a culture so with that in mind, here are some useful questions to ask regarding people:


1.  How will the team need to be set up to best deliver the purpose? What does that structure look like? Remember that too many levels equate to confusion and too many mixed agendas.

2.    What are the roles and responsibilities? What do you need each person to be accountable for?

3.    What skills, traits, attributes do you already have that you may just need to juggle around?

4.    What does each person need from you, to be performing at their best?

5. What motivates them (and you)?


Culture affects all aspects of your business, from punctuality and tone to contract terms and employee benefits. When the culture aligns with your employees, they’re more likely to feel more comfortable, supported, and valued.

Culture’s a key advantage when it comes to attracting talent and outperforming the competition. 

77 percent of workers consider a company’s culture before applying, and almost half of employees would leave their current job for a lower-paying opportunity at an organisation with a better culture. 


What do you need to do to improve the culture in your team?



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson