What Is Authentic Leadership?

What Is Authentic Leadership?

  • October 25, 2021

I do not believe in any leader being great without practicing authenticity. This is the first conversation I have with all of our clients, and it really is crazy to see how many people fear authenticity in leadership.


Authentic leadership by definition is a management style in which leaders are genuine, self-aware and transparent. This is to inspire loyalty and trust in the employees as you will consistently display who you really are as a person, and how you feel about your employees’ performances.


To us at Coach Wilson, self-awareness, transparency and trust are all traits that can be developed in a lot less time and with much less effort. When we build an authentic leader, we focus a lot on supporting people to be themselves. This is the tough part!


What do we mean by being themselves?


As I mentioned, displaying who you really are as a person will inspire loyalty and trust. Without these two things your team will not be working with you, they will work against you.


It is important to understand that being yourself does not mean breaking your professionalism or crossing any inappropriate boundaries. It simply means integrating with your team and being the same person you would be if you were their colleague. Again, maintaining professionalism and not crossing inappropriate boundaries.


Why do we fear being ourselves around our employees?


There is a common fear around losing the respect of your title. However, leadership is not about the title, it is about behaviour. A true, authentic leader can walk among their people without fear of getting lost in the crowd…




Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson