Transform 1-2-1’s into Learning Conversations

Transform 1-2-1’s into Learning Conversations

  • November 29, 2021

A structure for a conversation can elevate it from a simple monthly chat to a powerful development tool.


Elements for a learning conversation can include:


1. A review of what has been happening since the last conversation and how the individual has responded.

This should include questions that are specific to the learning undertaken – both formal and informal. As a line manager, you can facilitate this by asking about what the team member has read, watched, heard and participated in, rather than simply saying ‘what have you learned this month?’.


2. A question-led discussion to support the individual to reflect on their experiences on a number of levels.

This includes ‘what happened’ and ‘why’ it happened this way, as well as the contribution of the individual to the success of the situation (or not!).


3. A question-led discussion to enable the individual to reflect on their learning from the situation.

This would include an identification of the required outcomes and a discussion of how successfully the outcomes were achieved. This could lead into consideration of what should be repeated next time and what should be avoided next time.


4. An action plan for implementation of the learning points.

These actions would be recorded for review at the next one-to-one.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson