Top Performer = Future Leader?

Top Performer = Future Leader?

  • March 25, 2022

The natural progression of a top performer is usually to become a team leader, manager or trainer.


I’ve witnessed many cases where the top performer’s almost handed the role without having to demonstrate the skills and traits of a leader.


Often you end up promoting someone who has poor leadership skills, or talent who ends up leaving the company because they feel overwhelmed.


One thing’s to be made clear, top performers should be considered as the future leaders of your company as they will have a lot of knowledge, skills and experience to share. However, have you thought about whether they’ll be able to breed good behaviours? Will they know how to create a culture of high performance? Will they know how to manage people?


Every company needs to have a succession programme in place for their high performers. This prevents you from throwing people into the deep end and ensure they have inherited the abilities to effectively engage, retain and develop high performing employees, before stepping into their role.


You can see a clear difference between succession leaders and heir/ess leaders.


Succession leaders are usually change agents. They don’t fear challenging the norm, because they’ve instilled confidence in their own aptitudes and continue to grow personally.


Heir/ess leaders are afraid to take the same risks and instead maintain the status quo. They build systems and processes, not relationships.


You’ve got to remember, when people are promoted into a role where they are managing others, they don’t automatically become leaders…




Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson