Three Effective Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

Three Effective Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

  • October 22, 2021

People always start off strong. They bolt out of the gates with a ton of fresh ideas and loads of energy. But after a while…it starts to fade…⁣

The frustrating thing is, you have seen your team at their best. You have seen how great they can be.
But for the moment, the spark has gone out.⁣

Do not worry – This is a fixable problem. Here are three ways to help keep your team motivated, and to reignite that missing spark⁣


Recognise a job well done⁣
Recognition creates an emotional connection between the employer and employee (a critical piece of employee engagement). It also helps fulfil the individuals basic need of esteem and belonging within a group.⁣
Incorporate a recognition programme to achieve this.


Give your team autonomy⁣
Have you ever heard anyone say “I really appreciate how my boss micromanages every aspect of my job”?⁣
By granting your team autonomy, they will feel like you trust them. Focus on outcomes rather than rules, this will motivate your team to rise to the challenge.⁣


Offer a clear path of advancement⁣
The quickest way to sap your teams motivation, is to make them feel like they are stuck in a dead-end job.⁣
Keep them motivated by creating learning and development programmes, helping them create and commit to a growth plan and holding frequent touch-points on their progress.⁣


Of course there are many effective ways to help keep your team motivated, and we are here to help you find ways that will work for you and your company.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson