The End of The Day Means The End Of The F-ing Day!

The End of The Day Means The End Of The F-ing Day!

  • October 29, 2021

I have to share this with you. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to respect the mental well being of your employees.⁣

A friend of mine called last night to tell me that he had received an email after hours, telling him he had overspent on the annual budget. This email included a lot of senior members of staff and partners.⁣

He knew he had not overspent so he was not overly concerned about that. He was upset at the fact that his superior had notified senior staff and partners of this incident without getting the facts first. Even worse, he had logged off one minute after sending this email and was not responding to any phone calls.⁣

My friend felt comfortable that he was not going to lose his job over this because he could prove he was well within budget. His worry for the rest of the evening was whether or not this would cause reputational damage, and make him lose everything he has worked so hard to build. For the rest of the evening he was worried thinking about the conversation the next day and how it would play out, how he would restore faith in those who had been misinformed etc. He did not sleep at all.⁣

This morning he woke up feeling demotivated and tired only to find out that they had already found the error, and it had been made by another department. His boss never apologised…⁣

There are a lot of poor leadership decisions I can reveal and dissect through this incident with you. The most important of them all (for me) is the point around sending negative communication like that to a member of your team and then buggering off.⁣

While you are enjoying your evening, they are in hell. Whether they have done wrong or right nobody deserves to have their evening, sleep and mental state ruined because of your need to assert power.⁣

If you are a leader and an emergency has come up that you feel is important to share immediately, make sure you are available to respond and answer the calls/emails, or DO NOT send this until the morning.⁣

When it is the end of the day…it is the end of the f*****g day!⁣

Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson