The 5 C’s Of Becoming A Successful Business Leader

The 5 C’s Of Becoming A Successful Business Leader

  • March 16, 2022

Whether you’re looking to become a successful leader within an organisation or launch and grow your own business, you’ll need to have principles in place to guide you.


The principles I’m going to share with you are called the 5’C and should be used as a compass:


Courage – Without courage, any business or leader will fail. There are obstacles, challenges and decisions to be made with high risks attached to them.
Courage is something that grows every time you push your fear behind you and deal with what frightens you.


Confidence – Think of the challenges you’ve faced in your life and the many times you’ve overcome them. Bring that confidence to your business/leadership.


Caring – It starts with caring enough about yourself and your dreams to stay committed to them.
It’s just as important to care about your employees! Protect their sanity from the clients who want to chew them up and from new hires who don’t fit in and hurt morale. Be supportive when stressful situations arise in their lives outside of work. And ensure everyone has the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.


Competence – Competence comes from knowledge and experience. Hone it by always striving to learn and develop yourself.
One of the most important roles a CEO/Leader plays is as the visionary for his or her company/team. That means you can’t, and shouldn’t, take on jobs which you’re not qualified for.


Commitment – Stay dedicated to your goals no matter how difficult that becomes. That may mean taking painful measures, but don’t ever lose sight of your goals!



Before you venture in any business or leadership role, you must be physically, mentally and emotionally prepared. The qualities of a good leader is the key to a successful business.




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Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson