• September 15, 2021

Self-development is not exclusive to leaders…


Having a personal development plan provides a framework to help you identify your strengths and development areas.


The reality is that as time moves forward, so does the world. As the world moves forward, changes appear and not all of us are comfortable with change. However, in a world moving at a faster pace than the speed of light, we have to learn to embrace change. We must! There is simply no other alternative unless you would like to be buried with the Dinosaurs.


So, where do you begin?


You have to be honest with yourself. How often do you focus on self-development? At what point have you had a word with yourself and said ‘’I need to learn more’’, ‘’I need to better myself’’…?
Do not focus on whether you feel confident or not, this is the biggest mistake I see in people who later in life fall behind. The need for self-development does not have to be identified through a lack of confidence, feeling overwhelmed or feeling static!


Developing yourself should be a proactive task.


Begin by asking your peers and supervisors for their honest feedback in relation to your strengths and growth areas. How do these marry up to your own evaluation? This will determine how honest and realistic you are being with yourself.


Now you need to look forward. What do you need to do in order to develop those focus areas?


We, as leaders, are so quick to ask our employees the above question, it seems however, that we are too proud to ask ourselves the same…




This month, purchase and read at least one book aimed at improving your personal or professional skills/knowledge. It can be on any subject you choose, including self-help books, but it must stimulate your mind.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson