Responding To a Call For Help

Responding To a Call For Help

  • November 8, 2021

How often do you receive a panicked phone call or email from your employees calling out for help with mishaps, concerns or potential errors? Often? I know!⁣

Unfortunately, not every leader deals with this kind of support in the right way. Some respond by creating more uncertainty and fear, others respond with anger and threat, while those who get it right respond by listening, finding a way forward and give reassurance where they can.⁣


As a leader, it is essential to take ownership of the remedial actions and there are three things to keep in mind throughout:⁣

1. Ask the individual how the incident is making them feel. Respond to their emotions with empathy to ensure they feel supported⁣

2. NEVER respond to their concerns with negative or unhelpful comments. This can have detrimental effect on their confidence and wider impact on mental well-being ⁣

3. Update the individual on the progress where you have the ability to do so, and ask them to provide you with regular updates if they have been tasked with the remedial action.⁣


Try to keep in mind that human error does exist. It is inevitable and there is very little chance of us eliminating it entirely.⁣

You should take action where blatant disregard for procedures have occurred, but this should still be met with empathy and professionalism as there are processes in place to take care of employees who abuse their position or do not work in line with policies.⁣



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson