Grow With Patience, Not Speed

Grow With Patience, Not Speed

  • October 6, 2021

Imagine going to the gym, doing a 60 minute workout, coming home, looking in the mirror and expecting to have lost weight…⁣

When we think about success, whether in form of career progression, business venture, personal growth, monetary, whatever it is you associate ‘success’ with, we crave it immediately.⁣

We fail to see the time, the effort and courage it takes to succeed. It’s not something that happens overnight and yet we become impatient when we realise this.

That impatience is usually what drives people away from success. They can’t wait, so they give up! They might be willing to work hard, they might have the courage to take the risk, they’re all hungry for it, but they don’t have the patience for the time that it will take to make it happen.⁣


Can we learn patience? Of course we can:


• Focus on why you’re impatient
When you acknowledge the reasons, you may be better placed to take control over those feelings and stop stressing about them.


• Know what triggers your impatience
Recognising these triggers can help you manage your impatient responses.


• Practice mindfulness and meditation
These are useful tools for dealing with practically any negative emotion, and they’re especially effective for impatience.



Whatever success means to you, whatever your goal is…First find your patience, then make it happen.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson