Internal Vacancies – Why So Scary?

Internal Vacancies – Why So Scary?

  • November 22, 2021

I can think of countless occasions where an internal vacancy has come up and people who have been waiting for the opportunity stop themselves from applying.


There are many reasons as to why. They do not feel quite ready, they are worried they will fail, they are scared to move away from their current role (comfort zone), and most commonly because of the perception that there is already an ”heir to the throne”.


No matter what the role, we always think there is someone lined up for the job. But if you never apply, how will you know?


Here are three things you must do to prepare yourself when going head to head with an “heir”:


1. Contact a few people who already work in the team and ask them to help you understand the role better, the team expectations and other pointers they are able and willing to share with you.


2. Contact the hiring manager, let them know you are going to apply and would like the opportunity to shadow the team for a day so that you can best prepare for the interview.


3. Ask your line manager for support preparing. Have them complete mock interviews with you, this is a great preparation tool.



More important than all of this…Overcome the fear of failure by just going for it!


No one is pre-entitled to a role, some candidates have just prepared for the role a bit longer than others. You have just as much of a chance getting the job as anyone else if you prepare well and go for it!


Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson