How well do you know your people?⁣

How well do you know your people?⁣

  • March 30, 2022

You can know all of the coaching models in the world, you can know all of the communication techniques out there, BUT…if you don’t know or understand your people…it won’t matter!⁣


Start viewing your team as individuals. Understand what their individual needs are, know what their preferred learning methods are, what motivates them and what their preferred method of communication is.⁣


Here are a few reasons why this is important:


Needs and Motivational Factors:

You need to know where each persons head’s at, what’s going to drive the best performance out of that individual? Understanding their needs and catering to it where suitable for business, will change the culture entirely, in a positive way of course.⁣

Learning Method:⁣

In order to successfully train and develop people you need to understand how they learn. This is such an obvious task, yet so many leaders forget about it! This needs to be a priority or you’ll find yourself losing talent.



If you want to be heard, learn how to listen and how to speak. By how to speak I mean to the person in front of you. Do they want a more direct conversation, a slightly more passive message, perhaps visual aid? What do they need in order to process and register the conversation? If you fail to get this right, you’ll lose their attention which in turn fails to achieve what the conversation was set out to achieve in the first place.⁣


Great leaders know their people the way they know themselves.⁣



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson