How To Focus And Avoid Distractions

How To Focus And Avoid Distractions

  • December 15, 2021

Staying on task can be difficult, but it can be particularly challenging when you’re surrounded by constant distractions.

In today’s world, diversions are nothing more than a click away.


While it may sound obvious, people often underestimate just how many distractions prevent them from concentrating on the task at hand, especially when working from home.


Here are some tips for you and your team to try when you next feel like you’re losing focus, wether in the office or at home:



• Block the internet for half a day

• Turn your phone off and ask people close to you to email you if they need to reach you urgently

• Listen to music without lyrics



• Wear comfortable clothes

• Stretch you legs for five minutes every hour

• Do some breathing exercises throughout the day



• Drink a lot of Water

• Avoid sugary foods as this’ll make you crash later on

• Try eating small amounts but often



• Sit next to someone who’s focused

• Give colleagues access to view your diary so they can see when you’re going to be busy

• If you still can’t focus, watch someone who can, it’ll rub off


General Hacks

• When a distracting thought pops in, write it down and move on. Come back to it later

• Clear your work space of clutter

• Train your mind by learning something difficult five minutes per day



Whether you’re trying to finish a report at work or competing in a marathon, your ability to focus can mean the difference between success and failure.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson