How To Bounce Back After An ”Off” Day At Work

How To Bounce Back After An ”Off” Day At Work

  • June 2, 2021

We all have off days at work, our employees are likely to face off days too.

It’s crucial to address it when you’re feeling down, venting when things don’t go your way and confiding in a go-to person outside of work on your ”off” days.

Try some of the following methods to help you bounce back:

  • Get lost in a book or movie
  • Call a friend – Not a colleague
  • When you leave work, switch off for the evening
  • Go for a long walk and think about things that make you happy
  • Grab a journal and write down the situation and your feelings as a result of it

Challenge yourself to walk away and give your brain a rest when you’re in a downward spiral – Indulge in a few minutes of a guilty pleasure rather than pushing through.

No matter how positive of a person you are, or how much you love your job, bad days happen to the best of us. Nothing seems to go right and life is harder than it usually is, it can be tough to pull yourself out of the funk, but you have to try and you have to help your employees try.

Written by Sahar Habib