How Do You Define ‘Being a Good Coach’ Within Your Culture

How Do You Define ‘Being a Good Coach’ Within Your Culture

  • November 15, 2021

I have worked with a lot of organisations who have tried to embed “be a good coach”, or “deliver excellent coaching” to their culture. I have not seen many who have defined what that means, ergo it has failed.

If you are not able to define this to your team, whether you are the business owner, head of division or area manager, how do you expect it to become a part of your culture? ⁣

Coaching has become integral to companies. It is a skill that leaders at all levels need to develop. It helps drive the company toward success as it engages the employees, empowers them, emphasises the importance of personal and professional development, and it helps people with accountability.⁣

So how do you develop a coaching culture?⁣

Stop assuming your leaders know how to coach well, start by offering leadership development programmes to management at all levels (including supervisors!), and create a coaching framework.⁣

Define what being a good coach means to the company/team culture. It could be that it provides opportunity for growth through regular feedback, it could mean delivering results and improving performance by bringing out peoples full potential. It could mean whatever whatever aligns with your vision, but make sure you define it to those who will live the culture!⁣

You really need to lead by example if you want it to be a success.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson