Get Noticed By Your Manager

Get Noticed By Your Manager

  • March 14, 2022

Do you ever feel like your relationship with your manager could improve? Like there’s a lack of communication and you’re continuously waiting for instructions, expectations and feedback? Or perhaps you don’t feel they’re advocating on your behalf and promoting your personal brand?

Some people feel stagnant even though they’ve put all the effort in and done all the right things to succeed – they’re not moving forward. What’s worse is when those around us keep getting promoted and we’re stuck…


It may feel like your manager isn’t on your side, but have you reflected to see what part you’ve played in this? It’s not always about your manager being against you. What decisions have you made that made your boss feel like you didn’t want to be seen? When have you spoken up about your achievements, your learnings and your goals?


Not sure how to get noticed? Follow these four steps:


  1. Advocate For Yourself
    Advocate for yourself. Your passion will shine through and your boss will want to help advocate on your behalf. Sometimes they need to see that you want it as bad as they want it for you, before they start putting your name against their own reputation. So get the ball rolling by advocating for yourself.

  2. Be Proactive
    Schedule your performance reviews, coaching sessions and deliberate conversations. Don’t wait to be instructed for a task, if you know something has to be done – DO IT! – Be proactive to show your boss you are able to self manage.

  3. Transparent and Open Communication
    Don’t wait for your boss to come to you with feedback on your failures, share your failures/lessons learned proactively. This will demonstrate your ability to accept failure as a lesson, and evidences your leadership skills.

  4. Be the Solution
    Bring solutions to your manager and seek out feedback. Avoid focusing on the problem.


It’s tough when you feel you’re not receiving the recognition deserved, but here’s your chance to do something about it.


Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson