Five Habits of Employees That Get Promoted

Five Habits of Employees That Get Promoted

  • October 20, 2021

Firstly, please remember that career progression is always to be held accountable to the individual wanting to move forward. The leader is there for support and guidance. Never assume it is your responsibility to do it on behalf of someone else.⁣

In light of the support and guidance piece, here are five habits you and your employees must adopt, in order to progress to the next role:⁣

1. Be goal-oriented⁣⁣
At the start of your new role, make sure you sit down with your boss to discuss your career goals. ⁣
A leader will help you achieve these goals by giving you the opportunities to grow and providing support to keep you on track.⁣

2. Be irreplaceable⁣
This is not easy, but it is doable. To become indispensable, you need to be the go-to person for something specific that only you can do. Going above and beyond, designing new and successful strategies that will help revenue growth…These are ways to stand out to people and become sought after.⁣

3. Keep learning⁣
Take the initiative to find new learning opportunities, whether internally or externally. Show your peers and your boss that you are committed to continuously improving and developing your skills and knowledge.⁣

4. Network with the right people⁣
This is important not just for your career, but for your personal life too. Take advantage of every networking opportunity. This will connect you to people who can provide you with support in future and also a chance to promote yourself to others. Think of it as a step toward building your own personal brand.⁣

5. Show leadership potential⁣
Though leadership is not necessarily the next step for everyone, displaying leadership skills means displaying passion, trustworthiness, decisiveness and confidence. It means you can manage yourself (and others if your next step is toward a leadership role). Exemplify role model behaviours that will help you climb the ladder.⁣



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson