Finding The Right Mentor⁣

Finding The Right Mentor⁣

  • October 18, 2021

Mentors not only provide you with guidance, information and knowledge, they also act as soundboards to bounce ideas off of in return for unfiltered opinions. This is extremely valuable at any stage of your career.


Finding the right mentor can be a tough challenge though, but the five tips below should help you make a start.⁣


• Find someone who has relevant experience to your goals and interests⁣

• Do not ask people you have existing relationships with (they can be from your existing network)⁣

• Look for someone with a personality polar opposite to yours (introverts need extroverts and extroverts need introverts)⁣

• Make sure they are available and accessible from day one⁣

• As well as the contrast in personalities, find someone compatible. Make sure you are comfortable with them and that it does not feel strained or forced to communicate with them⁣


You should also consider what you can offer them as much as they can offer you. My mentor (Michael Wilson) learned from me as much as I learned from him. People can offer each other invaluable experiences and knowledge at all stages of their career/life, so do not hold back on offering your support where you see fit.⁣



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson