Drawing Comparisons

Drawing Comparisons

  • September 27, 2021

When an individual or a team feel like they need to live up to another person’s standards, it can bring doubt and cause self-esteem issues.


Whilst professional comparison may boost one party it is certainly breaking the other. With the exception of a few competitive individuals who may thrive from this type of challenge.


Professional comparison can create toxic competition, as opposed to healthy competition. It can discourage innovation, suppress individuality, and completely destroy employee engagement, which by now you know is directly linked to productivity.


If you are trying to tell the team/individual that there is a downward trend in their performance, or perhaps a flat line, do this by comparing them only to themselves.


What has changed in the past week/month to prevent them from excelling further, or to cause a backward step? Why have they not moved forward? Or potentially, why have they tumbled?


This is much healthier than drawing comparisons between teams and individuals.
It is challenging them against their own abilities, not someone else’s, and it is more thought provoking than the feeling of anger and hurt when you hear someone else is doing better than you.


Imagine yourself hearing your boss telling you you are not doing as well as someone else…how would that make you feel?




Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson