Do Female Leaders Face A Greater Challenge In Authenticity?

Do Female Leaders Face A Greater Challenge In Authenticity?

  • July 16, 2021



Female leaders and employees face a much bigger challenge when it comes to being their authentic selves. It’s a challenge brought to us by men and women, so it’s not exclusively caused by men – Let’s make that clear. I’ve witnessed and heard of others experiences, where a female colleague has contributed to this problem!


There’s an unconscious bias in our society and in our workplaces that we must challenge. We must stand together and recognise the bias, acknowledge it and make a change.


Women often shrink themselves and settle to the double standards set for them.

Women who are:

  • Assertive are labelled aggressive
  • Leading are labelled too bossy
  • Speaking up and talking straight, are labelled difficult
  • Taking up space are labelled as being ‘too much’
  • Asking the hard questions are labeled as being awkward


Yet, our male colleagues don’t have the same labels attached to their presence.

Leaders need to take the first step by removing these labels and eliminating the bias. Authenticity is the key to a great leader, whether male or female – Encourage it!



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson