Delegation & Empowerment

Delegation & Empowerment

  • September 10, 2021

To be a great leader, you have to learn to delegate well and empower your people.


You can give individuals the responsibility of successfully delivering a task, while on some level still governing the process and outcome.
Delegation and empowerment is a powerful way of diversifying an individuals role, and keeping them motivated and inspired.


When a leader delegates certain tasks to others, they become free to focus on more paramount activities and use their time more productively.
It allows you as a leader to focus on strategic thinking, and tasks that only you can perform, such as coaching and developing your team.


When you delegate, you’re also empowering an individual. Empowerment builds confidence, establishes trust and develops a capacity the execute your collective vision and goal.


These are two critical skills required to maintain organisational effectiveness, developing your people’s skills and reducing stress for yourself as a leader.
This method is called ‘participative leadership’, it’s a not an easy skill to develop but once you’ve got it right, it will support you with the development of future leadership behaviours.



Review your to-do list items and highlight any that fall under the job description of one or more of your employees. Take just three of these highlighted items to begin with, and delegate to the most suitable employee/s. Set clear objectives and deadlines, and keep close to the progress until the work is done. That means keep an eye on progress only, not to micro-manage the task!

Once these three tasks have been completed, review the quality and review other tasks that you had the opportunity to complete over that time – What’s the outcome? Is it a positive result or negative one? Do you really need to be the one who takes on these tasks?
Now up the delegation to a further 3 tasks, and keep doing this until all of the highlighted items on your to-do list are gone.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson