Criticism VS Celebration⁣

Criticism VS Celebration⁣

  • November 5, 2021

If you reach nine out of ten goals, you will find yourself hearing more about the one goal you failed to reach.⁣

Old school leaders and autocratic leaders are infamous when it comes to this. ⁣

They believe they can pull more out of you by focusing on the one task you did not complete, forgetting the other nine achievements. They truly believer that celebration will only halt your drive and risk you thinking there is no further improvements to be made toward your performance.⁣

The largest area I have seen this behaviour in, is the end of year appraisals. There is a lot of focus on the two or three areas of further development needed, as opposed to the variety of successes achieved over the past year. Do not get me wrong, outstanding or excellent performance should only be awarded to those who truly go above and beyond and add value to the business, way beyond their day to day duties. That does not mean we should avoid celebrating other successes! ⁣

This happens in our daily life too. People will always focus on the one “bad” decision. Always! So be the change. Make sure you balance the need for development with the need for celebration. Nothing pulls more drive out of your people than knowing that their boss is rooting for them.⁣

Be the change!



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson