Body Language: Conference Calls

Body Language: Conference Calls

  • November 19, 2021

Often, when delivering our conference calls we forget that our body language matters. Why would we think it matters when there is no video feature involved? Our audience are not able to see us, so why does body language matter?

It is not a stupid question to ask.

When people join telephone conferences they do not expect to see anyone. They are conciously aware that they will only need to listen, and this has a big impact. ⁣

If all you are doing is talking, unlike on video where you have to concentrate, processing non-verbal cues like facial expressions and making sure your body language demonstrates you are engaged in the conversation, you will find it less likely to captivate people and grab their attention.⁣

You will have to use your voice to make up for the loss of visual body language:

• Be expressive – Do not read from a script

• Avoid staying monotone but equally try not to sound too high pitched

• Speak clearly, listen carefully and make sure you are engaging the whole team

• Do not slouch – Believe it or not, this is revealed in the way you speak

⁣• Ask questions and direct them at specific people in a welcoming manner without making them feel like they have been put on the spot


If you thought body language only works using the body, think again. Your voice, facial expressions, eye contact, space and touch speak just as loudly as your gestures and posture do.⁣



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson