5 Ways To Identify Your New Career Path

5 Ways To Identify Your New Career Path

  • November 26, 2021

Research shows that the average person change their career at least once in their life.


If you feel like you are not totally satisfied on your current path but unsure what the next move could be, follow the below steps to help bring you closer to your dream job:


1. Understand your core values:

What are some of the things that you believe are important to you in your personal life and career?


2. Know what you do not want:

Begin by eliminating the careers you would not even consider joining. Not because of your lack of skills or experience, but because they would make you unhappy.


3. Make a list of your interests and key drivers:

These might include the chance to feel creative every day, financial gain, health benefits etc.


4. Create a mind map of your skills and expertise:

List your current skills and knowledge so you can match them to the careers you would like to do.


5. Take action:

Be willing to open yourself up to new experiences. That includes taking the necessary steps to fill any knowledge or skill gaps identified, that present themselves as an obstacle for you to be able to do the job.


If training, experience or professional qualifications are required, take action now!


Do not allow yourself to become that person who wakes up in fifty years time wishing they had tried harder.
The only obstacle in your way is you, so do what you have to do to to overcome your own insecurities.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson