4 Words And Phrases To Stop Using Immediately!

4 Words And Phrases To Stop Using Immediately!

  • February 28, 2022

Some of the most commonly used phrases carry a subtle undertone of resentment when used in the work-place.

Some terms and phrases are best left to casual exchanges with friends and family.

  1. ”Whatever”
    This word usually has a flippant tone to it and is often used to dismiss another person’s thoughts or idea. You might not intentionally use it to be dismissive, you may be thinking ‘I really don’t mind – go for it’, but that’s not necessarily how it comes across. Avoid using this word with your employees/colleagues.

  2. ”It is what it is”
    I’ve heard this more times than I’ve heard my name! It’s so cliché and it makes you sound like a lazy thinker.
    We default to empty expressions when we’re trying to give the impression we have something to say but really don’t. It’s certainly a phrase I would remove from your professional vocabulary[.

  3. ”Can’t”
    A word I dislike in any situation, be it professional or personal. I’m not expecting you to avoid using can’t in a general conversation as it’s too common and useful a contraction – But be smart and on guard for the context you use it in.
    For example, you might innocently say in a meeting, ”I can’t get that report to you until next Monday.” Phrasing it like this makes you sound ineffective. ”I’ll have that report to you next Monday” sound more like someone who is efficient, able to deliver and realistic about timelines.

  4. ”Hope”
    When used in certain contexts, this word is passive aggressive and makes you sound less confident. For example, ”I hope we’ll meet our sales target this month,” plants the opposite idea – the possibility that you may not. Even though the possibility is real, ‘hope’ is not very inspiring to use. Try instead, ”I really want us to meet our sales target, and I know we can get there.”


We have to be aware of the words and phrases we use that may impact our employees and/or colleagues negatively.


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Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson