4 Steps To Conducting A Mid Year Performance Review

4 Steps To Conducting A Mid Year Performance Review

  • February 21, 2022

We’re reaching the end of the 6th month – Can you believe it?! Halfway through the year already?!

It’s time to get those performance reviews done.


There are two primary goals associated with performance reviews:

  1. To strengthen conduct that leads to good performance
  2. To change conduct that pulls performance down


A mid year performance review acts as a formal ”check-in” with the employee. If you’re only reviewing performance at the end of the year, you run the risk of surprising the employee with a poor review. The mid year performance review provides your employees with the opportunity to take corrective action before the formal end of year review.


So, here are 4 steps to help you conduct an effective mid year performance review:


  1. Employee provides their self-assessment. Employees have as much responsibility in the performance review process as the leader does.  The best way to share this accountability is to insist that the employee conducts his/her own self-assessment using the same criteria and format as the leader does to assess performance.  The differences between ratings provides a solid ground for discussion.
  2. Leader collects performance data and feedback. Managers should use data wherever possible, and at the very least list specific behavioural examples.  To use vague or non-specific statements when assessing performance is neither professional, nor useful.
  3. Review assessment and write review. Review the employee’s self-assessment, and write your own review as to the employee’s performance. Incorporate all the data and examples you gathered in step 2, above.
  4. Conduct the Mid-Year Performance Review discussion. After both you and the employee have done your preparation, you’ll need to meet to formally to discuss performance. This is the most important aspect of the Mid Year Performance Review.


Our next blog will cover the performance review discussion in more detail.



Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson