3 Things That Will Make Your Work-From-Home Life Easier

3 Things That Will Make Your Work-From-Home Life Easier

  • March 2, 2021

The COVID pandemic forced us to adjust to remote working pretty rapidly and most of us did not have the time to prepare.

One year down the line and most of us are still working from home and will be doing so for the foreseeable future.

Here are three things you should try that will make your work-from-home life easier and help you maintain productivity:

1. A desk

This seems so simple, yet a lot of people have decided not to commit to purchasing a desk. This is because they either believe they will be going back to work soon so it feels like a waste of money, they do not have the room or they feel what they have currently works well for them.

A desk does make a huge difference to your well being as it helps with your posture, professional mentality and the ability to separate your work from your personal life.

There are all kinds of desks to choose from nowadays—from L-shaped to wall-mounted. You can even use a C-shaped end table by your couch as a laptop desk, It all depends on how much room you have and the type of layout you prefer.

Ask your manager if the company are able to support by expensing some or all of the cost toward a new desk.

2. Noise cancelling headphones

Even when you are working from home, good noise-canceling headphones are a worthy investment if you have to share space with others.

These days, you may not be trying to drown out the sounds of your coworkers in an open-plan office, but headphones can help you get in the zone if your housemate is talking loudly, if you can hear your neighbours through the walls, or if there is ongoing construction outside your window.

3. Blue-light blocking glasses

Since the start of the pandemic, more and more people have been complaining about frequent headaches and vision problems that are affecting their work. While experts say there is no need to buy special glasses for computer use, these coated lenses have become an increasingly popular trend among computer workers. They help with the fatigue and eye irritation issue that often occurs after long hours behind a screen.

Although we pray the pandemic will soon be over, there is a high possibility that your remote working conditions will not change with it.

Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson