3 Management Strategies To Avoid!

3 Management Strategies To Avoid!

  • February 25, 2022

There’s no magic formula for being a great boss. It’s a wonderful mixture of providing both constructive criticism and praise, overseeing performance without micromanaging, and hoping your employees like you—and equally respect you.

There’s no real handbook on how to do it, but we do have some tips to share on what to avoid if you want to become a great boss.


  1. The Best Friend Boss
    More often than not, we want our team to like us. We want them to feel comfortable coming to us with questions, to enjoy spending eight hours a day with each other, and—let’s be honest—to think you’re the coolest boss they’ve ever had!Great bosses are able to joke around with their employees, take them to lunch and even get to know them on a personal level. The real test is when the tough situations come up—when you need to give feedback, discipline, or bad news. Despite your friendship with your employees, are you still able to deliver the news or criticism appropriately?If you can’t, then this management style is not for you. The effectiveness of your leadership will go down the drain the moment your team realise you’re unable to provide guidance or authority in order to protect your friendship.
  2. The Absent Boss
    Management is a busy role. You’re always rushing from one place to the next and your diary is usually filled with back to back meetings/tasks. It’s your duty to ensure the busyness doesn’t take over your responsibilities toward your employees, if your busyness is used as an excuse to not manage your employees – ‘Oh I can’t make our one to one today’; ‘I’m not in the office all week as I’ve got meetings’; ‘You’ll have to get someone else to look over that report as I simply won’t have time’ – your employees will notice that they’re not a priority.As a leader, you have to be available for your employees to give them the opportunity to ask questions, present ideas and benefit fro your guidance and leadership. Sure, you have other responsibilities – meetings and appointments included.But as a leader, your most important job is to manage your employees.
  3. The Bad News Boss
    Some leaders like to rule with an iron fist, making sure their employees know exactly what they do wrong – They rely on criticism over praise. Constructive criticism is necessary, but studies show that recognition is a key motivator for employees. That’s not to say you can’t give criticism, but don’t look for every opportunity to criticise. If you take every opportunity to disagree with your employees or point out what didn’t go right, you’ll actually sink their performance – and their perception of you as a leader.


There may not be a magic formula for doing everything right – but there are definitely concrete ways to doing things wrong.

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Written by Sahar Habib
Founder of Coach Wilson